Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered below, Please call us at 703-580-8838 or email.

Designation of donation funds:

If a specific program is not indicated your contribution will be awarded to the First Home Alliance general operating fund.

Q. Will you notify the person being honored or a relative of an “in honor of” donation?
A. Yes. If we are provided the name and address of the individual to receive an acknowledgment, we will send a card telling that individgment to thedual of the donation, but not specifying the amount. We will also send an acknowle

donor so the donor will have a record for tax purposes.

Mailing Lists

Q. Is my personal information (name, address, amount of donation) kept private?
A. Yes. We do retain your information in our data base, but only so it is available for review by our auditors who ensure we are in compliance in all laws affecting nonprofit organizations.


Q. Do First Home Alliance need volunteers? What skills or background are needed?
A. Yes, and respond to the volunteer opportunities listed.

Q. Can I stop by to visit First Home Alliance?
A. In almost all cases, yes, but please have the courtesy to call and arrange your visit.


Q. Where are First Home Alliance classes held?
A. First Home Alliance holds the majority of their class at the Ferlazzo Building or the Potomac Library. See check our events calendar for class and event locations.

Down-payment assistance program

Q. Do First Home Alliance assistant with down payment?
A. No, for down payment assistance members are referred to Prince William County Department of Housing and Community Development.

Monetary assistance

Q. Does First Home Alliance provide monetary assistance to individuals or their families?
A. No, First Home Alliance does not provide any financial assistance.


Q. Does First Home Alliance offer or provide grants?
A. First Home Alliance grants tuition cost to its volunteers when funds are available to complete HUD certified training courses.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Q. What is Code of Ethics and Conduct?
A. First Home Alliance adopt and adhere to the guidelines of National Industry Code of Ethics and Conduct for Homeownership Professionals. Please visit to see more details.